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MIELE Steam Oven


  • Easy Sensor Controls
  • 38ltr Capacity
  • Multi Steam Technology
  • Automatic Programmes
  • Temperature accurate to within 1 degree


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Full Details

Product Description

Harness the power of steam with this superb steam oven from Miele, which allows you to create delicious gourmet meals quickly and easily. Even better, steam cooking produces healthier food that retains all its nutrients as well as its colour, texture and flavour, so you can look forward to tastier food that’s better for you. This model boasts our signature MultiSteam feature, which externally generates its own steam and then injects it into the oven cavity via eight individual steam inlets. This ensures even steam and temperature distribution throughout the appliance for uniform cooking. For your convenience, this model comes with a number of Automatic Programmes, which take the stress out of cooking by configuring the oven’s time and temperature settings for optimum cooking results for all your favourite foods. Its clever design means that you can even cook different food types at the same time without worrying about cross-contamination of flavours. Thanks to our famous commitment to quality and durability, you can be confident that this steam oven will serve you well for many years to come. We’ve built and tested it to last 20 years, so you can look forward to decades of beautifully cooked food.

Product Specifications


  • Perforated steel containers3
  • Rack1
  • Condensate tray1
  • Cookery bookY


  • Clean SteelY


  • Control typeEasySensor


  • DesignContourLine
  • Appliance typeBuilt-in
  • CleanGlass oven doorY
  • ClearView doorY
  • ColourCleanSteel
  • Stainless steel front with Cleansteel finishY

Dimensions and weight

  • Width560-568mm
  • Height448mm
  • Depth \ Length550mm
  • Usable surface area on each level1/3GN+1/2GN

Performance and capacity

  • Oven capacity in litres38
  • Shelf number4
  • Water container capacity2litres
  • Large cabinetY

Programmes and functions

  • MultiSteamY
  • Precise temperature regulation from 40-100°CY
  • Menu cookingY
  • Automatic programmesY
  • Steam CookingY
  • DefrostingY
  • ReheatingY
  • Steam cooking on up to 3 levelsY

Safety and convenience

  • Steam reduction at end of programmeY
  • Actual temperature displayY
  • Programmable settingsY
  • Appliance cooling system and cool frontY
  • Safety switch-offY
  • Door contact switchY
  • External steam generatorY
  • Floor heater for condensate reductionY
  • Automatic descaling programmeY
  • Simple cleaningY

Technical and consumption

  • Total connected loadin kW/Voltage in V/Fuse rating in A3.6/230/20
  • Door hingeBelow