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Panasonic Breadmaker


  • 11 Bread & Dough Modes
  • Raisin Nut Dispenser
  • 3 Loaf Sizes
  • 100% Gluten Free Bread Mode


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Full Details

With its new modern styling finished in white with cool-touch housing, this breadmaker is an ideal addition to your home. An angled, easy to use control panel offers simplicity of design ensuring ease of operation. The SD-2501W gives you the convenience of having fresh bread at anytime from fresh basic ingredients and can cater for particular dietary requirements (gluten free, low salt, high fibre). Unique to Panasonic, the non-stick surface of the bread pan and kneading blade are coated with diamond particles which are twice as tough and scratchproof as conventional ones.

The SD-2501W has a Raisin Nut Dispenser that automatically adds additional ingredients to your recipe. The new 100% Gluten Free Bread Program allows you to bake gluten free loaves, using a wide range of gluten free bread mixes and flours. The new Speciality Mode enables you to use various grains and flours like Spelt Flour which cannot be made into a loaf of bread easily on their own.The Rye Bread Program together with its unique mixing blade can create a range of tasty loaves using Rye and Spelt flours.

Using the new Jam and Compote Mode, you can easily and quickly prepare fruit jam or compote at home.There are 8 jam and 6 compote recipes available in the breadmaker operating instructions.

Bread Size  XL, L, M  
Choice of Crust Colour  Light, Medium, Dark  
Raisin Nut Dispenser  yes  
Timer  Digital Timer (up to 13 hrs)  
Bread modes 
Diamond Fluoro-coated Breadpan  yes  
Diamond Fluoro-coated kneading Blade  yes  
Yeast Dispenser  no  
Number of Modes  10  
Bake  yes  
Bake Raisin  yes  
Bake Rapid  yes  
Dough  yes  
Dough Raisin  yes  
Bake  yes  
Dough  yes  
Whole Wheat 
Bake  yes  
Bake Raisin  yes  
Bake Rapid  yes  
Dough  yes  
Dough Raisin  yes  
Bake  yes  
Bake  yes  
100% Rye 
Bake  yes  
Dough  yes  
Dough  yes  
Bake Only 
Bake  yes  
Gluten Free 
Bake  Yes (100%)  
Speciality Mode  yes  
Jam and Compote Mode  yes  
Power Supply  230V50Hz  
Dimensions [mm] 
Width  256.0  
Height  382.0  
Depth  389.0  
Weight [kg]  7.0  
Power Consumption [Max.][W]  Maximum 550W  
Standard Accessories  Measuring Cup (310ml) Measuring Spoon