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Panasonic Camera Lens


  • 45mm Lens
  • F2.8 ASPH


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Panasonic's Leica H-ES045E lens lets youtake amazing close-ups (1:1) and portrait shots, thanks to its focal distance of45mm (equivalent to 90mm on a traditional 35mm camera). The internalfocusing system, which goes from 15cm upwards, provides excellent resolutionand contrast without changing the overall length of the lens.  And when used with the Lumix G Micro System camera, the LeicaH-ES045E by Panasonic gives you access to the advanced AF system, whichincludes features such as face recognition, for more convenient and moreenjoyable shooting.  What's more, the Leica H-ES045E lens isequipped with a durable metal mount for easy attachment to your camera.